Ray Dumbledore

Ray’s expertise in music goes far beyond his ability to provide world class piano lessons; in addition to his 17 years of experience playing both the guitar and piano, he also graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts Music Degree where he was a member of the concert choir. His time spent as an on-air host and producer at NPR and Sirius/XM as well as his frequent volunteering at WFMU have left with Ray an intimate knowledge of a great variety of music ranging from jazz and classical to pop and rock. Throughout his time at college, Ray played in a number of bands and continues to do so today. Prior to and after studying at Rutgers, Ray has enjoyed working in a number of settings with individuals with developmental disabilities including his current position at ARC of Middlesex which places him at a group home assisting adults with special needs in their day-to-day activities. His wealth of musical knowledge makes Ray an excellent piano instructor for those seeking not merely to play the piano, but understand it.